The Lady Jackets came to play in Chattanooga

The Lady Jackets finished 6-1 at the Eastern Elite Showcase in Chattanooga. They started out a little shaky on defense, but were able to pull it together behind Jalyn on the mound. They beat the Chattanooga Force 4-3.

The Lady Jackets were also able to pull it together after some additional mental errors on the field during the weekend as well. They rallied as a team and fought hard for a six game winning streak.

In their seventh game, there was some questionable calls that just didn’t go their way. They were given their first loss by Georgia Power 4-5 during single elimination Sunday.

Softball continues to teach the Lady Jackets life lessons; things don’t always go your way, but you have to pick yourself up and press on.

The Lady Jackets will have a chance to continue to show their growth with State and Nationals coming up. Go Lady Jackets!!